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Ocean Engineering Technology is an engineering company focused on innovative and conventional NDT, Lifting Services , Rope Access Services. Ocean Engineering Technology serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through five main brands and offerings: Experienced NDT expatriates, Lifting engineers, Rope Access Technicians , sale of equipment and logistics support worldwide.

We operate a worldwide network in different countries and territories. With global insight and local expertise, Ocean Engineering Technology partners with clients to accelerate their business by providing the people and services that raise the quality, productivity and efficiency of their total workforce, including inspections, training and development, workforce consulting, outsourcing, logistics and career management.


Ocean Engineering is Thoroughly experienced in all NDT methods in Use


Rope access is a form of work positioning. It uses specialized rope techniques to place workers in many disciplines in hard-to-reach locations to provide a practical, extremely safe and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, such as maintenance, repair, surface preparation, painting and inspection works.
Industrial Rope Access is found to be most beneficial in areas where the traditional means of access, such as scaffolding, absorb a disproportionate amount of the operators’ time and/or budget. A well-planned, small, multi-disciplined composite crew onboard takes up less bed space and less valuable deck space, and is capable of performing various planned maintenance tasks involving NDE, Coatings, Top Side Survey Work, Confined Space Tank Entry and many other situations that arise throughout the rig or platform.
Ocean Engineering Tech provides its clients with quality inspection, repair and maintenance services. All work is completed in accordance with applicable safety regulations, client quality/expectations, certified technicians and industry requirements. We provide a wide range of inspection, maintenance and repair requirements for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Industry.
Ocean Engineering Tech Rope Access Technicians can quickly and easily access the splash zone, working within the windows of opportunity such as weather, swell height and tides. Removal of marine growth, application of protective coatings and a full inspection, either visually or using more in depth NDT methods can be performed. By using rope access, no temporary staging or scaffolding need be left in place between working periods, so there is no danger of losing material or littering debris onto the seabed. Within minutes of any inspection being completed, the area is ready to resume normal operations. Such activities can be coordinated with other operations to get minimal downtime.
The obvious advantage in using rope access is the time and cost savings.

Rope access L1, L2 and L3 IRATA certified available on call (inspections, support, maintenance):

  • Painting , Blasting
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Welding and Hot works ( using Subcontracted Welders)
  • Lifting gear surveys
  • Concrete Inspection / Surveys
  • Fire and Gas Maintenance
  • Communication Towers Inspection and Maintenance
  • Fabric Maintenance
  • Wind Turbine maintenece
  • Onfined Space Entry
  • Any task non accessible by usual means
  • DROPS Surveys



  • Painting/Coating Inspector (NACE BGAS Certified)
  • Pressure Vessels and Piping Inspector ( API 510, 570 or 653 )
  • Plant Inspector – CSWIP or other European Equivalent
  • Lead Plant Inspector
  • RBI Specialist and Corrosion Engineer
  • Lifting LEEA or CIA Inspector and Trainer Expatriate
  • Welding Inspector / Welding Engineer QAQC ( CSWIP, EWF,AWS)
  • Multi Discipline NDT and Welding Inspector
  • Ferritoscopic, O2 and PMI Expatriate Inspector
  • Experienced Engineer In Field metallography and Replicas
  • Advanced Techniques NDT Ins. ( ET,TOFD, Phased Array)
  • IRATA Rope Access Level 1 and 2 Inspector with NDT Qualifications
  • IRATA Rope Access Level 3 Inspector with NDT Qualifications
  • NDT Inspector Level 2 MPI/DPI/ VT/PT/ UT – Multi Discipline
  • NDT Inspector Level 1 MPI/DPI/ VT/PT/ UT – Multi Discipline
  • Local Assistant
  • Data Entry , Data Collection and Isometric Drawings / Craftsman





Archimedean spiral pumps are designed for pumping sludge and polluted liquids without their pretreatment. The principle of operation of these pumps is by rotating of the blades to transport the medium to a higher level. Large passages make the Archimedean pumps possible to handle with solid liquids without any danger of a blockage in the process. One of the main benefits of these pumps is inability to cause a cavitation and since they are operated on a low speed there is almost no efficiency loss. Depending on what type of water is being transported, the life time of these pumps can be from 30 to 40 years.

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Pump components:
  • Driving unit
    Depending on the required features there can be made different drive-unit arrangements. The standard drive-unit consists electric motor connected to the reduction gearbox which is connected with the upper bearing of the screw pump.
  • Upper Bearing
    The upper bearing main role is to accommodate axial and radial forces. This bearing is designed as a self-aligning roller bearing.
  • Lower Bearing
    The lower bearing housing flange is connected to the screw body. Main role of the lower bearing is to accommodate only radial loads. During the operation this bearing is lubricated with grease by the automatic lubricator. The lower bearing is hermetically sealed for protection from the liquids.
  • Screw
    The screw has the most important role, by rotating the screw lifts and transports the medium at higher levels. Screw body is usually made from longitudinally or spirally wound steel tubes.

  • Simple and Robust Construction, open, Clog-Free;;
  • Easy Maintenance and Low Operational Costs;
  • Pump Capacity is Self-regulated as a function of incoming flow;
  • Long Operational Lifetime(30-40 years);
  • High Efficiency (Up to 85 %);

Screw Pump in a Concrete Trough, where the screw, suspended between the upper and lower bearing, rotates free from the trough with a minimal gap of few millimeters.
Technical data:
Inclination angle: 30° 35° 38°
Scra w diameter [mm]: 3000 3000 3000
Capacity [l/s]: 313025132170
Head [m]: 8.810.210.9

Archimedean screw pumps offer wide application possibilities:
Typical applications are:

  • Waste water treatment:
    • Drainage;
    • Rainwater;
    • Flood water;
    • Industrial process water;
    • Domestic sewage.
  • Irrigation projects;
  • Water supply;
  • Land drainage;
  • Reclamation of wetlands.

Materials and coating:

Screw pumps can be produced from coated steel or stainless steel.
ItemApplicationSystemThickness in µ
StandardActivated sludgeSend blasting SA 2,5
Epoxy coating
2 x 150
Auto cureWaste waterSend blasting SA 2,5
Zink primer Epoxy coating
1 x 40
2 x 150
Heavy DutySand & ParticlesSend blasting SA 2,5
Zink primer
Epoxy coating
1 x 40
1 x 40
2 x 150
Cover coatingH2S occurrenceSend blasting SA 2,5
Epoxy special coating
2 x 175
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.


Screw – spindle pumps belong into the group of volumetric pumps. The main working elements of the pump are three screw (helical) spindles (with special profile) and sleeve (casing). Screw spindle pumps can be compared with gear that have big screw length of his teeth or with piston pump which indefinite number of pistons. Pumps are made in horizontal and vertical accomplishment with adequate fitting flanges in horizontal or vertical position. Working spindles are totally hydraulically disburdened of axial forces. Fluid is moving axially without turbulence and mixing which enables pumping of a lot of viscous fluids without making foam.

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  • Horizontal:HVP, KHVP, KHVP-p;
  • Vertical:VVP, BVVP, PVP.

  • High reliability and Long service life;
  • Negligible maintenance;
  • High temperature capability and efficiency;
  • Smooth pulsation–free flow, without turbulence;
  • Low noise level and vibrations;
  • Excellent suction capability self priming;
  • Hydraulic balancing of forces eliminates need for bearings;
  • Well suited for use with variable speed drives.

  • Electric motor;
  • DIesel motor.
Technical data:
Capacity:up to 4200 l/m;
Head: up to 60 bar;
Pump size: up to DN 200;
Temperature: up to 140°C

Three-Spindle screw pumps are used for transport of viscous fluids with lubricating properties: lube oils, fuel oils, synthetic, mineral and vegetable oils. They are suited for variety of marine and offshore applications such as fuel-injection etc.
Typical applications:

  • As transport pumps for loading and uploading of tanks and tankers;
  • For lubricating of machines, motors, turbines, generators;
  • For dosing of mazut in burners;
  • For transport of viscous fluids for other applications.

1Pump CaseCast Iron
3ShaftStainless steel
4Shaft sleevesBronze
5Bearing bracketCast Iron
6Pump coverCast Iron
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, AI, or other on customer request.


Various pressure booster packages tailored to suit a wide range of requirements in the water supply. Each system is carefully designed to meet the applications individual needs and it is selected on a basis of maximum reliability, durability, efficiency and economical operation. Pump model ranges are used to build standard and specialist packages of single or multistage pumps (type KCP or MS) to operate as worker/buster/stand by systems. Control equipment incorporating traditional Pressure/Flow/Level operation is available, together with the latest design in frequency control and inverter drive. All fabrication for skid mounted units is carried out in-house and full operation testing is carried out in MZT Pumpi‘s own test facilities.

  • Clean Water;
  • Little muddy water;
  • Water supply;
  • Oil Industry;
  • Heating Plants;
  • Mining, Civil engineering etc.
Technical data:
Capacity:up to 12 l/sec;
Head: up to 80 m;
Temperature: up to 90°C

  • Diesel Motor;
  • Electric motor.

Pos. Component Material
1 Impeller Bronze
2 Pump casing Cast Iron
3 Body Pump Nodular casting
4 Shaft Stainless steel
Optional materials: Cast iron (Gray, Ductile), Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze,  AI, or other on customer request.


Propeller pumps are of an axial type i.e. where water flows into a suction bell axially passing via impeller and stator diffuser, being further directed through a discharge pipe of piping. The shaft is by means of a flexible coupling joined with an electric motor. Propeller pumps are applied for the supply of high quantities of water at low heads, being thus very economically applied in the systems of irrigation and drainage, industry and others. Upon a customer’s requirement, the pumps provided with deflecting blades in operation, are also produced.

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Shaft sealing:
The shaft sealing could be arranged by soft packing arrangement, the shaft is protected by replaceable, stainless steel sleeves.
  • Electric motor;
  • Diesel engine with a right angle gear unit upon request.

Propeller type of pumps could be arranged in several modifications, depending on:

  • Customer requirements;
  • Working and medium conditions;
  • Space available;
  • Applications where a special design is needed.

For supply of big quantities of water at low heads. Typical applications are in:

  • For Drainage;
  • Industrial plants;
  • Irrigation systems;
  • General purposes.
Technical data:
Capacity: up to 2500 l/s;
Head: up to 10 m;
Pump size: up to DN 800;
Temperature: up to 60°C

  • Easy installation Reliable and hard-wearing;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • High operating reliability at low operating cost Constant efficiencies.

1Suction Bell MouthCast Iron
2Stator diffuserCast Iron
3Tube casingSteel
4Discharge elbowSteel
5Electro-motor pedestalSteel
6ImpellerAlloyed Steel or Bronze
7ShaftAlloyed Steel
Optional materials: Gray, Ductile Iron, Cast steel, SS (AISI 304, 316), Duplex SS, Super duplex SS, Bronze, or other on customer request.



Ocean Engineering Technology is the local representative in
Equatorial Guinea of JCH Marine & Offshore supplies



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